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Adherents.com, has analyzed dozens of comic-book characters [and] says Batman may not be the churchgoing type, but glimpses of the crosses on his parents' gravestones may mean he's a lapsed Roman Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian...contained a list of the "suspected" religions of superheroes...Newsweek also listed Spider-Man as a Protestant, The Thing as Jewish, The Hulk as a lapsed Catholic, Daredevil as a Catholic, Batman as a lapsed Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian and Captain America as a Protestant...The An important part of Batman's religious history which is sometimes forgotten by the general public was that before donning the cape and cowl he travelled in the Orient for many years, studying in various monasteries of Eastern religions.[From: From: Alex Johnson, "At the comics shop, religion goes graphic: Judeo-Christian themes woven into comic books you might not expect", published on MSNBC.com, 25 April 2006 ( viewed ); re-posted by Worldwide Religious News (idd=21302; viewed ): , 19 June 2006 issue (posted online on 12 June 2006: simultaneously posted on Belief under headline "Holy Superheroes": viewed 14 June 2006): ...[From: Above: The stone Christian cross in the middle marks the grave of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a.

This type of cross, with its flared rounded ends, is known as a "cross bottony." The cross bottony appears on the flag of Maryland.Batman's grave is flanked by those of his mother and father. He faked his own death using powerful body chemistry-altering chemicals when Superman was ordered to apprehend him.Clark Kent (Superman), believing that Bruce is truly dead, visits the grave.On rare occasions, stories have been published in which Batman has simply identified himself as an atheist or a Christian.It is reasonable to assume that, as with other people, Batman's precise beliefs, spirituality and relationship to God vary over the years, and sometimes shift depending on his experiences.

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    In casting Glee, series creator Ryan Murphy sought out actors who could identify with the rush of starring in theatrical roles.