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The hearing was brief, a prelude to what could be a long and acrimonious proceeding, although the judge stated that both wanted to resolve the divorce amicably.The hearing came just days before Weiner is scheduled to be sentenced for texting obscene material to a 15-year-old girl on September 25.

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Although Abedin stood by Weiner through recurrent sex scandals that destroyed his career, the final straw for their marriage was Weiner's months-long sexting relationship with a high school sophomore.During his sentencing hearing, the former politician said he had betrayed his son's 'amazing mother', Abedin, and referred to the boy as his 'salvation'.'I focus on how I live my new, smaller, healthier life one day at a time,' he said. Both of their lawyers asked for privacy in the matter, but the judge allowed for a photographer to enter the courtroom because their attempts to keep their separation under wraps has not been successful.Although they arrived separately, the two walked into the Manhattan courtroom together and then hurriedly left the building after 30 minutes, having a black car whisk them away.

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