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Tom: One of things we're trying to do is understand the relationship between ice loss and warming.

chusma133: am i ever going to actually see u Lora: If you want to see me and the Ice Bridge team check out gov/icebridge where there are videos and pictures posted. Heather MG: How does the sometimes harsh weather in Greenland affect your research?On Earth Day, April 22, NASA scientists including Lora Koenig in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, chatted with you about the Operation Ice Bridge mission.Despite its name, Greenland is covered by a white ice sheet spanning an area equal to Alaska, Washington and Oregon combined.Ice Bridge is using a radar instrument to achieve a detailed map of Russell Glacier's bedrock.Credit: NASA/Kathryn Hansen On April 12, Lora took a day off from flying for a hike to the calving front of southwest Greenland's Russell Glacier.

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