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It is doomed to fail because microwave love misses out on real intimacy.Like Frank Sinatra advises in his classic song lyric, “Let's take it nice and easy,” and that lovers need to slow down and “take all the steps along the way”.Hurrying through life keeps us so busy that it steals the important solitude that we need to be healthy and whole, both psychologically and spiritually.In other words it keeps us from fully feeling our emotions of loneliness and emptiness.Just simply “I was done” like when you are done with something and you throw it away because it is no longer useful to you.It just struck me as strangely sad that he was referring to a woman that had loved him. Just another sad ending that is common when someone gives up on love before the relationship is over, and when that happens usually both people are going to get hurt in the process.Maybe that's why some people stay so busy and never take a minute to slow down, because if they did it would mean getting honest about what's missing in their life and that would be too painful, so it's off to another busy activity to avoid getting real.

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Yet many people think they can just fast forward the process like some steamy scene in a romance movie and begin a real relationship with sex instead of communication.

The inability to empathize with others also results in a lack of an integrated sense of self.

If a person is missing a solid sense of who they are they tend not to develop a real sense of self-awareness and may feel they are either all bad or all good. A mother who is depressed or emotionally not available herself raises a child that doesn't learn to connect very well emotionally (just like their mom).

How many pieces of your heart can you lose and still retain the ability to deeply and fully love?

The answer is not as much as you think because the more break ups, the more scars and the more scars, the harder it is to open up next time.

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