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The 52-year-old took her protest to the French parliament in the capital, Paris, which saw her messages to French MPs cause such a commotion 30 riot police had be to be drafted in.Ms Lee said she wanted to highlight the problem of corruption among election officials, and said: “We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency.”A supporter carried a banner carrying the message ‘strip off corruption’.“He promised to come back and kill us then.” What we know about the Bronx Lebanon Hospital shooter (GRAPHIC) The carnage began about p.m.when Bello — wearing the lab coat to cloak his AR-15 — fired at his former colleagues on the hospital’s 16th floor.While Ms Lee is the official candidate of the Pleasure Party, it is thought her chances of making it on to the ballot paper are slim.

It is likely neither will win an outright majority and the vote will progress to the next round, which Harris claims Mr Macron will win by 65 per cent to Ms Le Pen’s 35 per cent.When she called Leeper about it, he texted one of the nude photos to her and said he was going to distribute the pictures to her friends and family, the trooper said.Leeper admitted to police that he put the camera in the woman's house because he wanted to see what she was doing when he wasn't around, Dreisbach said.The 27-year-old Lebanon man is facing criminal charges as a result.Trooper Eric Dreisbach said the woman discovered the camera Leeper hid in her house late last week.

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