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I will be adding these as its own list under the mitigation options at the bottom of the thread.But now to the math, difference here is that the extra damage taken is additive and not multiplicative/exponential.As an example, if I have 15000 spell resistance and 5000 flame resistance then if I get attack with a fire spell then I will have 20000 spell resistance against that attack.One thing to note here is that if your Spell or Physical resistance is already at hard cap then your sub categories will not add anything, since they are just temporary increases to the main type if attacked by the right element.The calculations would look like this: So with all of those sources added together we ended up with a total of 80.2936% of the damage we take being mitigated.Now if we want to apply these calculations to see how much damage we would be taking from a hit we would just change it to be like this: So the example number I used there was picked by randomly smashing my keyboard, but as you can see it doesn't take a lot to reduce very high damage numbers to something very manageable.This means that 100 points into Resistant gives you ~24% critical hit resistance.The total amount of critical hit resistance possible is7518 or 110%. There isn't even enough critical resistance available to justify having it.

The most known and talked about is the vampire fire vulnerability and the werewolf's poison vulnerability.

What it does is it lowers the enemy players critical hit damage modifier.

A characters base modifier is 1.5 which means that if you land a critical hit then you deal 50% more damage.

But again if you get debuffed then anything above hard cap will help you stay up.

Last thing to note about the sub categories is that since they are in its base form just adding to their main type then if someone penetrates your Spell or Physical resistance then they will penetrate your sub categories too.

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