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I think I am a good lover and can make you very happy in more ways than on.

If you have younger children then please be assured I am happy to include them in the partnership.

I’m down to earth, fit, friendly, outgoing, and intelligent man who loves to have fun. I enjoy working out, traveling, outdoor activities and great conversations. I love to learn and experience new things, especially with the right person. But, actually, I can’t say what kind of woman I need by my side. Every one of us has their advantages and disadvantages. What sort of relationship would you like at this point in your life.

Fun can be anything, anywhere, and at any moment with someone special. I’m comfortable going out and having a good time or hanging out being cozy & cuddling at home. I am ready to accept both if you are sincere with me. Long term relationship that will eventually leads to life time union What type of work do you do? Am a commercial pilot and i love my job Abbot Low, Alexender Morgan, Anderson Tommy, Andre Allard, Arnold Presley, Ben Calvin, Bob Zoeller, Brady Scott, Brandon Wilshare, Brandon Wilshere, Brown Larry, Brown Max, Bryan Simpson, Chris Milana, Christopher Albright, Clark Quentin, Collins Andrew, Cutie Adams, Daniel Martins, Daniel Smith, Darry Pietro, Dave Gary, Dave Morgan, David Gradwell, David Pietro, David Raddock Jr., David Ramsey, Desmond Frankline, Diamond Smith, Donald Kelvin, Elvis Jose, Engr.

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I love all the detail in things that ordinary people may not see. I´m a spiritual person and get a wonderful energy from nature as well as the city.

I´m a caring person who loves to listen and can listen for a long time patiently.

Offering a fuller picture of the world with a truly diverse r...

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