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:) Try to boost her looks to 100, and start to take her to champagne lunch / dinner.

I think "Camera Business" would be even more awesome if you also added a button for giving multiple Gifts to Didi since the time constraints are not always easy to work with (money and time).

If you are looking for a more serious type of predicament to get yourself into you, then you should consider doing yourself a favor and trying out another app.Just becauce Grindr was the first, in no way means it's the best.I personally found it to be not very user friendly when I first discovered it, but did admire the amount of detail users were allowed to go into on their profiles.I can say though that my unique case should not be something to discourage you from exploring these apps.Whether you’re looking for a quick hook up, a date, or a long term relationship there is bound to be an app to suit your needs.

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