Virus definitions updating

All it takes is one worm or virus to wreak havoc and cause major destruction to a system or network.

In order for anti virus software to provide maximum protection, it should be able to detect all known viruses, including the latest threats.

If configured, the FEP client will query Microsoft Update for new definitions according to the frequency configured in the FEP policy.

You configure clients to check for definition updates by setting a policy option.

In addition, you can customize the various textfields of your task.

The term "virus definitions" typically refers to the database of all current virus signature files used by a particular anti virus software for virus detection.For anti virus software to provide effective protection, it is essential that the virus definition database used is comprehensive and frequently updated.Virus authors are constantly creating new variants and new viruses in attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in user’s systems.This is useful if you wish to deploy a definition update that is different from the current definition file supported in the Fixlet content.Prior to running the wizard you will need to make sure your Anti-Virus application is supported.

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