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In ’83 or so a new PCB supplier was brought in, with weird traces and rapid revisions.Luckily, the stash of Stack-of-Dimes inductors lasted a few years.This was later simulated with electronic circuitry for the electric guitar when the wah-wah pedal was invented.It is controlled by movement of the player's foot on a rocking pedal connected to a potentiometer.Wah-wah effects are used when a guitarist is soloing, or creating a "wacka-wacka" funk-styled rhythm for rhythm guitar playing. Plunkett at Warwick Electronics Inc./Thomas Organ Company in November 1966.This pedal is the original prototype made from a transistorized MRB (mid-range boost) potentiometer bread-boarded circuit and the housing of a Vox Continental Organ volume pedal. Country guitar virtuoso Chet Atkins had used a similar, self-designed device on his late 1950s recordings of "Hot Toddy" and "Slinkey".

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A De Armond Tone and Volume pedal was used in the early 1960s by Big Jim Sullivan, notably in some Krew Cats instrumental tracks, and in Dave Berry's song "The Crying Game".This new standard was given the name ”Hotpotz 1” and were also stamped ‘Dunlop MFG’ on the side of the pot.Wisely, he had the pot maker retain the classic Crybaby taper, a recipe that has not changed, even through to 2015 and the by now 20 year old Hotpotz 2!First, a terminal clip connector replaced the wire standoffs at the PCB.Second, when it was time to re-order pots, Dunlop ordered Allen Bradley/Clarostat to shorten both the shaft AND bushing to save a few pennies.

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